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Wooden Brio Thomas Train Tracks 13MM6SS

1-to-3 Male Straight Three-way Shed Switch

This 6-in wooden three-way piece adds a lot of flexibility to your track layouts. It allows a train to switch over to one of three separate parallel track lines. Great for train yards and stations. Includes male connectors at the end of the branch lines. Compatible with Thomas the Train, Brio and other fine wooden train sets. Made in the USA of solid Maple hardwood. Please note that all MeskoToys brand track pieces are single-sided.

Dimensions: 6-in

Part number: 13MM6SS

Brand: MeskoToys

Made In: USA

MSRP: $10.25

UPC: 797734363463

Price: $8.20


Wooden Brio Thomas Train Tracks 13MM6SS Wooden Brio Thomas Train Tracks 13MM6SS




Wooden Train Tracks

To minimize our environmental impact, we try, when possible, to use rees that would otherwise go to waste or be used as firewood. Due to the natural variability of maple wood, the color and grain of an individual track piece may be different from what is pictured and may sometimes contain small imperfections that don't affect the functionality of the track piece. The picture below illustrates some of the natural wood color variability in our pieces.

Wooden Train Tracks

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